Committee Mission:
Have endowment portfolio in line with the best thought process in the country for its asset allocation and performance return. Generate support, create awareness and build relationships while wisely managing assets in support of UC Irvine priorities.
Strategic Planning
To be announced.


Jane Buchan
D. Robinson (Bob) Cluck
Rick E. Keller, CFP*
Jack M. Langson
Richard A. Lynch
Charles D. Martin
Paul Merage
William F. Podlich
Lynn A. Rahn
Thomas Ricks*
James Irvine Swinden
Edward O. Thorp, Ph.D.*
*Non-Trustee Member

UA Partner:

Christie A. Israel

Committee Membership

  • Committee Chair
  • Chief Financial Officer (Ex-Officio)
  • Appointed Trustees
  • The Foundation Chair and Foundation President shall serve as ex-officio members

Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage the financial assets within strict measures of quality and performance standards
  • Provide timely and comprehensive reporting on the financial statements and assets under management to the Foundation
  • To preserve the real value of the endowment corpus and maximize expected long-term total return while assuming a prudent level of investment risk
  • Review application for new members and bring diverse cross section of business professionals to the committee.

Meeting Frequency

  • Quarterly
  • Sub-committees to meet as needed

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