Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision
We make an impact every day.  We are committed to working closely with the chancellor, administration, faculty, and students to shape a great university into a global nexus of intelligence in action.
Mission and Vision


In the year 2015, we will exceed the $1 billion campaign goal.


To promote the University; increase philanthropy; manage and grow the endowment; ensure the appropriate use of all funds; and pursue best governance practices.


To execute our chartered responsibilities and activities in every way that is consistent with those values espoused by the University of California, Irvine:
  • Respect - We understand that respect is the cornerstone of human interaction.
  • Intellectual Curiosity - We are committed to learning, teaching, creativity and research.
  • Integrity - We tell the truth and strive to earn the trust of those around us.
  • Commitment - We always give our best effort.
  • Empathy - We act with compassion and sensitivity.
  • Appreciation - We appreciate different opinions and points of view.
  • Fun - We enjoy our lives to the fullest.


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