Nomination and Board Development
Committee Mission:
In consultation with the Chair and Executive Committee, recommend the board composition. Develop and implement strategies to identify, recruit and engage trustees.
Nomination and Board Development
Hazem H. Chehabi, M.D.


Hazem H. Chehabi | Chair
Bruce E. Cahill
Emile K. Haddad
Julie Newcomb Hill
Gary H. Hunt
Gregory R. Leet
James V. Mazzo
Gary J. Singer, Esq.'74

UA Partner:

Jackie M. Barbera

Committee Membership

  • Committee Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Board Past Chair
  • Other appointed Trustees
  • The Foundation Chair and Foundation President shall serve as ex-officio members

Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities

  • Evaluate composition of the board, determine strategic recruitment areas, and develop ideal board member profile
  • Identify, recruit and engage trustee candidates who match the strategic recruitment areas and ideal board member profile
  • Recommend trustee candidates to the Executive Committee and Board
  • Develop and manage a new trustee orientation and education program(s)
  • Engage new and current trustees in board committees

Meeting Frequency

  • Quarterly

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