Campaign & Fundraising

Committee Mission

To lead the $1 billion campaign in partnership with UC Irvine.

Douglas K. Freeman, J.D., LL.M.


Douglas K. Freeman, J.D., LL.M.


  • Douglas K. Freeman | Chair
  • John R. Evans, Co-Vice Chair
  • Jane Buchan
  • Hazem H. Chehabi, M.D.
  • Al DeGrassi ’79 (non-trustee)
  • Ed D. Fuller
  • John D. Gerace ’87
  • Julie Hill
  • Gregory R. Leet
  • James V. Mazzo
  • Richard J. Ruszat

UA Partner

Daniel Montplaisir

Committee Membership

  • Committee Chair and Vice Chair
  • Appointed Trustees
  • Selected School Deans/Directors
  • Representatives of other UC Irvine constituencies
  • The Foundation Chair and Foundation President shall serve as ex-officio members

Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities

  • To track, monitor and report on each approved campaign initiative.
  • The Foundation Board will be responsible to collectively give a minimum of 20% of the overall total campaign goal.
  • To track, monitor and report on campaign counting policies and guidelines.
  • Together with the university, we will be responsible for ensuring the successful achievement of all campaign elements.

Meeting Frequency

Quarterly meetings and monthly conference calls.